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VW TL 774 F , MAN 324 SNF , MB 325.3 , VW TL 774 D , Ford WSS-M97B44-D , Opel GM 6277M

PROFI-CAR ANTIFREEZE PTG12 plus is a concentrate based on 1.2-ethanediole (mono-ethylene glycol) for radiator and cooling system protection during summer and winter time. It is free of nitrides, amines,phosphates and silicate.
PROFI-CAR ANTIFREEZE PTG12 plus has been developed withhigh quality corrosion additives for motor andcooling system, and meets the current standard inthe development of engine-building.


  • Longer and outstanding corrosion protection

  • Improved heat transfer

  • One product for cars, trucks and construction machinery

  • Ecologically desirable because of longer working life

  • Avoidance of foaming

  • Compatibility with hose and sealing materials

  • Compatibility with varnishes

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