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Passenger Car , Truck , Motorbike


PROFI-CAR CLEAN & CARE is a new PROFI-CAR technology to clean and maintain varnishes without water. This patented recipe was tested successfully by the Fraunhofer Institut.

PROFI-CAR CLEAN & CARE cleans, maintains, preserves and seals the varnish without scratches. Because of that it is becoming dust repellent. The active substance is biological harmless. PROFI-CAR CLEAN & CARE is applicable e.g for varnishes, rims, chrome, plastics and all other smooth surfaces. It saves time and money because cleaning, polishing, preserving and sealing are one work step.


  • Vehicle cleaning and preserving without water

  • Effective and easy working is possible

  • Long-lasting protective effect

  • Economical consumption

  • Weather-resistant surface

  • Saves time and money, because cleaning, polishing, preserving and sealing is carried out in one work-step

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